Experienced writers know that they need editors, even for their best work. A fresh look from an experienced eye can identify numerous problems, errors, and other issues with a manuscript, regardless of how many times a writer has re-worked it.

There are a number of different types of editing involved in the development of a book (or even an article); they include:
  • Proofreading is when a manuscript is reviewed for errors (spelling, incorrect punctuation, repetition of words, too many spaces between sentences, etc.) before finally being sent to a printer or publisher.
  • Copyediting is primarily concerned with grammar and style, and gives a thorough review of the manuscript for correct usage and consistency.
  • Heavy Copyediting adds syntax and semantics to grammar and style, and in addition to focusing on usage and consistency the editor will offer suggestions and/or corrections at the most granular level (words and sentences).
  • Developmental Editing is what it sounds like: working closely with the author in a more interactive way to "develop" a rough manuscript into a finished one, or even to help him/her gather existing writing and arrange it into a cohesive manuscript. Copyediting concerns are often included, but they come into play once the manuscript has been developed into a final form.
  • Substantive Editing is where an editor takes ideas and writing and arranges the material into a formed manuscript. The content may be from audio or transcripts, blog posts, etc. and the editor is essentially an arranger who constructs a book from the available material. You could think of substantive editing as being just shy of ghost-writing—all of the ideas and content are the author's, not the editor's, but the work of assembling it into a book is not the author's job in this case.

I would be glad to discuss your project with you, and consider together what type(s) of editing it requires as well as what an estimated cost would be. I work on a per-project basis, not on hourly rates. For more information about price and what editing costs, see below.

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