Cover Design

People do judge a book by its cover. This makes good cover design one of the most vital elements of production and marketing for a book. A cover for books in the 21st century should evoke the spirit and ethos of the contents, display the title in a way that it can be clearly seen, and attract the browsing viewer by piquing their curiosity.

A sampling of some covers I have designed are displayed below; click on each to see a larger version of the cover.

The Exact Place
This was an actual photo of the house in this book, slightly stylized to fit the spirit of the memoir.

Not Alone
The title, underscored by a cross that is also in the shape of an “X,” stands alone sufficiently for the purposes of this book.

Habitation of Dragons
For this commemorative edition, the cover design was done in homage to the late author’s favorite cover.

The God of the Mundane
Invoking the style of “Hatch Show Prints” this cover offers a playful irony about the topic the contents addresses.

Interior Design

As with cover design, a book’s interior design is crucial to the success of a book—less for marketing as for reading! Books that are poorly designed are uncomfortable and tiresome to read; a well-designed book interior will be a delight to the eyes, and serve to emphasize and underscore the meaning of the words on the page. (Read more about my personal philosophy of interior design here.)

Hybrid Publishing Services

An option for publishing that is growing in popularity is “hybrid” publishing—bringing some benefits of traditional publishing alongside the freedoms and strengths of self-publishing.

Ed Eubanks Creative Services is now offering our
Turnkey Publishing Solutions as a form of hybrid publishing, exclusively for our book design clients. To learn more, read about our Turnkey Publishing Solutions.

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