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Hello—thanks for visiting my design and creative services website.

I'm Ed, and (among other things) I am a freelance editor, designer, and photographer living in west Tennessee. I have edited books and articles for Doulos Resources, Crossway Books, Good News Publishers, Covenant Theological Seminary, and several magazines and journals. I’ve designed book covers, book interiors, websites, flyers, ads, and countless other graphics pieces. And I have worked as a professional photographer for weddings, portraits, product shots, sports photography, band/concert photography, and event photography—and I’ve also been a professional printer/darkroom photographer, both with traditional (silver) photography and digitally.

(I am also a writer; you can learn more about my professional writing at And I give presentations and lectures on topics related to my writing.)

My whole life has had words, images, and creativity at the center of it. My father was a part-time professional photographer, and I grew up in his studio learning how to shoot and develop my own pictures; by my late teens, I was teaching classes on photography and darkroom arts. I also found a strong interest in theater during high school, especially lighting, sets, and design—an interest that I would pursue through much of college, where I worked on more than a dozen productions as a paid theater technician. Also while in college I began tinkering with a new technological tool called “the world-wide web” and the Internet, and soon found myself developing websites (a skill I continue to utilize and build upon). I began writing professionally in my late 20s, and editing followed soon thereafter. As I’ve progressed through different stages of life, other design skills have emerged and I have added them to my toolbox.

I was born in Columbia, South Carolina and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (and a minor in Theater and Speech) from the University of South Carolina. I also have a Master of Divinity from Covenant Seminary. My wife and I have four children. I have served several churches as a youth minister and pastor, taught logic, rhetoric, Bible, and writing in a Christian high school, and currently work with a ministry called Doulos Resources.

I believe that good design and clear communication are not merely matters of aesthetic preference, but moral obligations. I strive to bring this conviction to bear with every project I work with.


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